Using the most current versions of Microvellum and AutoCAD, the team at Velocity - The Drafting Pros works with a passion to find the most efficient and accurate methods for the modeling and drafting of your projects and to ensure that the software and technology used is continuously updated ad remains current with emerging trends. Our global delivery model includes a state of the art facility in Hyderabad, India (photos) that can produce faster, high-quality drawings, following AWI Standards, at a substantially lower cost than mainland companies. The team at Velocity - The Drafting Pros is all Graduates of Certified Engineering Schools and each has received an additional 90 days of training at the Velocity - The Drafting Pros Millwork Academy. Our team is committed to giving you BOTH quality and value while maintaining the highest levels of integrity.

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Working With Us

Working with Velocity - The Drafting Pros is easy when you follow our simple procedures. You also have the additional advantage of our team working in a time zone opposite of yours so that items sent to us at the end of your work day are arriving at the beginning of ours and often by the time you return to your desk the next morning the new estimate, redline corrections or drawings are waiting for you in your inbox. Our phones and emails are staffed during the normal US workday so you can always speak with your project consultant. This speeds the process of furnishing you with the drafting that you need.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Velocity is to create both an ongoing and outstanding relationship with each of our clients by understanding their needs and requirements, and then, satisfying those needs utilizing the latest software technology applicable in the productions of their drawings and models at a reasonable cost.

Our team of graduate engineers is highly trained in millwork production along with the applicable AWI Standards. Each team member understands that no project is complete until the client is totally satisfied.

Velocity is committed to providing excellence in our services by our talented team utilizing state of the industry software. Velocity is never satisfied until you, the client, is satisfied.

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